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  • Allows to combine all data items containing emails, contacts, calendar, tasks
  • Offers 3 Merging option i.e., Join PST, Merge Contacts & Merge multiple PST
  • Option to merge Outlook contact folders from many PST files into a single one
  • Delete duplicate items while consolidating multiple PST files or folders together
  • Tool enables to merge multiple Outlook PST files without any size restriction
  • PST merger Supports to combine UNICODE & ANSI PST into a UNICODE PST file
  • Compatible with Microsoft Outlook 2016, Windows 10 & all below editions

PST Merge Tool Combine Outlook Data Files into One

PST Merger is designed in such a way for business as well as home users. It contains various advanced features that help to combine multiple PST files in an efficient and convenient way. Besides this, it has an option to remove duplicate data items while merging one or more PST files into smaller parts. One of the best things is that it is strong enough to exclude deleted items while combining PST files into a single one. Further, it has a simple user interface that even a non-technical user can access it without taking any expert help.

Key Features of Merge PST Software

3 Options to Merge PST Files

Provide 3 Options to Combine PST Files

PST Merge tool offers 3 options like Join, Merge and Merge Contacts. Join Option permits a user to join all PST Files by creating a new PST folder. Merge Option enables to merge similar PST file into single one. Merge Contact allows to join multiple contacts within Outlook PST. It facilitates three merging options such as Multiple PST Files, Merge Multiple PST Files, Merge Contacts Folder only.

Join PST Files

Option to Join Outlook PST File

With the help of PST Merger, end users allow to join multiple Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 data files by creating a new folder for merging PST file. Users have potential to select this particular option for adding all PST files under the common Outlook PST and each PST file contain the actual data in a new separate folder.

Merge Multiple PST File

Merge Multiple Outlook Data Files

Another important feature is that users can merge multiple folders from two or more Microsoft Outlook data files. Further, it contains all components such as inbox, contacts, calendars, notes, journals, drafts, sent items, tasks, to-do list, etc. together into single UNICODE PST file type.

Merge Outlook Contacts

Facility to Combine Contact Only

With this option, users can merge MS Outlook contacts folders of multiple PST into one PST file. This tool will also create single PST file which has all contacts to be merged into a particular folder and keep Metadata properties such as name, email addresses, contact numbers, company name, groups, and notes etc., will remain intact.

Merge & Delete Duplicates

Removal of Duplicate Data Items

PST merger permits the user to combine two or more Outlook data files together and eliminate the duplicate items one by one; if required. Moreover, end users only have to check or uncheck the option Remove Duplicates to enable or disable the removal of all duplicate values.

Add Folder to Merge PST

Add Folder for Merging Outlook PST

In order to combine PST files together, there is no need to add each and every PST file one after another. Outlook PST Merge tool provides an option "Add folder" for integrating 2 or more PST files at a time and perform merge Outlook folder procedure in bulk. Otherwise, if users want to add a single file at once then select "Add files" option.

Exclude Deleted Items

Excluding Deleted Items Folder

When combining two PST files into one, still, users do not want to merge deleted items then, enable the option for excluding the deleted item folders. The Merge PST software can not integrate deleted items into the resultant Outlook PST file and this will help to save time by combining the deleted number of items.

Complete Merged PST Report

Create Complete Progress Report

As the merging begins, the PST Merge software will display the actual status of merged PST data files. Once it is done, it will also make the report by putting details i.e., number of PST files, name of PST file, found duplicate items, total items and merging status. Additionally, it will display the name of merged Outlook PST files, location of merged PST and create a duplicate.csv file.

Versions of PST Merge Tool

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Merge PST software is available in two versions i.e., Free and Full edition. As per the demand, users can choose any of the following available version:

Free Version: One can easily install PST Merge free on the source machine. Well, there are such limitation of free edition that it will only merge first 15 items per folder, Join first two folders of each Outlook PST file, and merge only 15 items of each contacts folder of the PST file.

Full Version: It is the full version of PST Merge that could be purchased from an official site of the company. It allows the user to combine one or more Outlook contact folders.

Merge PST File into One Step by Step

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PST merge software

Step 1 : Free Download PST Merge Software.

Add PST FileS

Step 2 : Add PST Files in the Software.

Mupltiple Option to Combine PST File

Step 3 : Select Join, Merge PST, Merge Contacts option.

Hit on Merge PST File button

Step 4 : Click on Merge PST Files button.

Watch to How to Merge PST Files into 1

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FAQ's Related to Merge PST Software

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Is it mandatory to have MS Outlook installation for merging multiple PST files?

“I have numerous Outlook data files that are copied from another system. But I do not have MS Outlook installed on my desktop. Can I still avail this software on my local machine?”

Yes, Of course, it is necessary to have Outlook installed on a computer system to merge PST files. MS Outlook should not be installed but must be configured with POP3 or dummy profile too.
Does this software capable to work with corrupted Outlook PST files too?

“I have around 30 PST data files. Few of them are inaccessible or may be corrupted. Can I combine them also into a single file with PST Merge tool?”

No, not at all, the software does not work if the file is corrupted or inaccessible. The PST file must be healthy and you should have all administrator rights to access them for clubbing.
Does the software combines multiple PST file at a time?
Yes, PST Merger has designed in such a way that it can add multiple PST files while merging any size of Outlook PST.
Will the software remove duplicates while combining Outlook files?
Yes, our software will provide “Remove duplicates” option. With this option, you can delete all duplicates during merging and keep each file free from duplicates.
Is this software compatible with Windows 10 machine of 32 or 64- bit?

"Recently, I am using Windows 10 and now, I want to know that can I perform PST Merge tool on Windows machine?"

Yes, Outlook PST Merge is totally Windows-based, which can support all newer versions of Windows including Win 10 and its earlier versions also.

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